Quick Check and Laws

This folder will cover

  • QuickCheck test syntax
  • How to generate random data via combinators and Arbitrary
  • How to use quickcheck-laws to quickly check your implementation of core type classes.

For a longer explanation of the original Haskell QuickCheck:

Compilation Instructions

Use these commands to compare the test results:

# Unit Tests
spago test -m Test.Spec.Examples.SelfContained.ConsoleReporter
spago test -m Test.Spec.Examples.SelfContained.DotReporter
spago test -m Test.Spec.Examples.SelfContained.SpecReporter
spago test -m Test.Spec.Examples.SelfContained.TapReporter

spago test -m Test.Spec.Examples.Modulated.Runner

# Quick Check
spago test -m Test.QuickCheckSyntax