Summary of Effect Libraries

Since the spago.dhall file does not allow me to explain what each dependency does, I've offloaded that to the table below. These are not all of the Effects that exist. For example, I did not cover Avar, Aff, and others (see the full list on Pursuit here. Not all of the Effects found on there are truly Effects as they might be newtypes for something else). Rather, they give you something to use as you learn more and more of Purescript and FP concepts:

LibraryIncluded ModuleUsage
purescript-effectEffectProvides the Effect type itself.
purescript-consoleEffect.ConsoleProvides bindings to the Console
purescript-randomEffect.RandomType used to create random values
purescript-nowEffect.NowGet current Date/Time from machine. (Note: see the date-time repo for additional related functions)
purescript-js-timersEffect.TimerBindings to low-level JS API: set/clearTimeout and set/clearInterval
purscript-refsEffect.RefGlobal mutable state
purscript-stControl.Monad.STLocal mutable state