This folder contains compileable Purescript syntax using meta-language (a language that describes the syntax). Thus, rather than saying something like

f :: String -> Int

which doesn't tell you anything, it'll say:

functionName :: ParameterType -> ReturnType

Since the syntax can be compiled, it can be verified as valid and correct syntax.

As a result, most files will appear like so:

-- The module will be declared at the top of the file
--   It can be ignored.
module Syntax.ModuleName where

-- The Prelude module might be imported
--   It, too, can be ignored.
import Prelude

-- The thing that the file is documenting usually goes here.
--    Don't ignore this stuff.
data Box a = Box a

-- Sometimes the comment "necessary to compile" will appear.
-- It makes the meta-language compileable. Ignore everything underneath it
--   as you read through the files.

-- necessary to compile
type SomeTypeName = String

If you want to play around with the syntax, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to a directory that has a spago.dhall file (otherwise, the rest of these commands won't work)
  2. Install the dependencies: spago install
  3. Start a REPL or build the files with watching (refer to the table below)
CommandIdeal UsageOther Comments
spago replPlay with <10 lines of syntaxEdit .purs-repl and add import ModuleName to automatically import that module whenver you run this command
spago build --watchTest out 10+ lines of syntaxSaving a file after running this command will re-compile the project