Versioning Policy

The below versioning policy was created to abide by the following principles:


  • Indicate PS version:
    • The release should indicate which major PureScript version is being used for the library. This helps one know whether the work is still up-to-date.
  • Provide "stable" versions...:
    • Readers of a given version should be able to read and bookmark files without worrying about those files/links breaking due to changes in its name (via renaming/reordering files, headers in files, etc.)
    • Older versions should be available via git tag.
  • ...without restricting developer creativity:
    • I should be able to continue writing new content and re-ordering things without concern
  • Load the latest release:
    • This repo should show the latest release version of this project, not the one on which I'm working. In other words, the default branch should coincide with the last release.
  • Lessen maintenance as much as possible:
    • There should only be two branches, latestRelease and development since a branch name like master is overloaded with connotations. Those who want to read older versions can checkout a tag.
    • I currently will not hyperlink to other files within this project until either a 1.0.0 release is made or I find a way to automate that.

Release Syntax and Explanation

ps-[purescript's major release]-v[Major].[Minor].[Patch] where

  • purescript's major release means
    • Normally, this would be 1.x.x, but we don't yet have a 1.0 release yet. Thus, it is currently 0.13.x
    • x is a placeholder for the latest minor/patch release.
  • major change means
    • a file/folder name has changed, so that bookmarks or links to that file/folder are now broken
    • files/folders have been modified, so that one is recommended to re-read the modified parts
    • a dependency (e.g. PureScript, Spago, etc.) was updated to a breaking change release
  • minor change means
    • a file's contents have been modified/updated to such a degree that one is recommended to re-read the modified parts- Read through these links about learning:
    • a file's header name has changed, so that bookmarks or links to that header/section are now broken
    • Spago was updated to a minor release
  • patch means
    • additional files/folders have been added without breaking links
    • a file's contents have been modified/updated to a minor degree that one could re-read the modified parts but is not likely to benefit much from it.
    • a file's contents have been slightly updated (typos, markdown rendering issues, etc.)